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Ariana Grange spotted in the studio

Fans Anticipate New Album After Spotting Singer Ariana Grande in the Studio

The hardworking singer and celebrity Ariana Grande is reportedly working to release a new album. She and her producer Franks have shared content on Instagram which shows that they are working on a musical project.

Ariana Grande has also personally confirmed to her fans who love pop music that she has been recording in the studio and will soon release a new song. However, some fans are taken aback by the fact that Ariana Grande has released only two studio sets.

In 2018 she released Sweetner and in 2019 she released the studio set  Thank you, Next. She also went on international tours./

Cardi B reveals plans to release new album

Cardi B Set to Release New Album

Legendary female rapper and celebrity Cardi B have not released any new song for a while probably because her interest has been on other things. Cardi B has made several trips and carried out live performances.

In one of such visits, she came to some African countries thrilling fans with her superb performances. Fans are now excited that she has concluded plans to release a new album.

She even told her fans that she just a few clubs hit from releasing er new song. After her sensational invasion of privacy, the singer paused for a while and was organizing live performances in many parts of the world.

Fiona apple to release new album

‘Its Probably its Own Thing” Fiona Apple Set To Release Her Album

Its probably just its own thing is a soon to be released album by sensational the singer.

It has been a long wait for fans of the popular female singer Fiona Apple. Fans have waited for a long time for the release of her much-publicized album which has a long title “It’s probably its own thing”,

As far back as September 2019, Fiona Apple had told her followers to expect the release of the song but nothing was done until recently when she reiterated her resolve to release the song as soon as possible.

The song is expected to top the Billboard chart upon its eventual release.

Fans anxious to listen to Angel Oslens new album

Fans Anxious to Listen to Angel Olsen New Album

Only a few singers have released albums in 2020 as against wide speculations that there will be a rush by singers to begin the year with an album release. Many singers like Angel Olsen are yet to release Their albums even after they have informed fans that it will be out in no time.

Fans are specifically interested in seeing her albums because it is seen as largely dramatic. Angel Olsen often applies videos of fire, rainfall and mountainsides and dusk to her albums making it captivating.

She most times appears alone in her videos with her guitar, thrilling fans with her music. That is what her fans expect to see anytime soon as they wait for the release of her song.

Her previous songs were major hit because it had similar features too.


Hilarious Photo of Don Jazzy Surfaces Online, Fans React

American rapper Pitsbull

Static and Ben-El Collaborate with US Rapper Pitbull, To Release New Album (MP3 Download)

There is an unprecedented collaboration in the international music scene as two Isreali pop singers Static and Ben El have entered into a pact with American rapper Pitbull , a move that has been highly celebrated in the music industry.

It was reported that the contract was negotiated by Haim Saban a multi-billionaire who has a dual Isreali-American citizenship. They both enter3ed into a contract with the Universal Musical Group (UMG).

The two Isreali pop singers Static and Ben-El grew from obscurity through their YouTube videos and songs and today that have attained not just fame but prominence in the international music scene.

The song released from the collaboration “Furtherup” has hit over 2million views on YouTube and it is expected to rise.

swae lee begins tour of north korea, launches new album

Swae Lee Begins Tour of North Korea, Set To Launch Album (MP3 Download)

“Back to Back Maybach” was an album released by the young celerity singer Swae Lee and the album has been largely successful. The song is the brain behind his current musical tour with “post Malone” in North Korea which has witnessed several live performances.

The 26-year-old singer also plans to release another album very soon. His album Back to back Maybach is his first solo album in 2020. Swae Lee is putting in the very best in his career

There are speculations too that the singer Swae Lee will have his new album produced by Jaxx, the producer who produced his first 2020 album Back to Back Maybach.

why kanye west came under heavy criticism on twitter

Why Twitter Users Came After Rapper Kanye West After a viral video (Download MP3 Here)

Kanye West came under heavy twitter attack lately after a video of him and his wife Kim Kadarshian went viral. The video showed the couple having a passionate kiss in an elevator.

It would have trended for a positive reason if Kanye West did not later walk out of the elevator after the kiss leaving Kim to carry the luggage. Critics wondered why the rapper failed to act as a romantic man by holding the door for her or helping her carry the luggage.

The rapper who is famous around the world did not see this coming, it is expected that the video will trend more than some of his songs in the coming days.

Selena Gomez Releases Album "Rare" from life story

Selena Gomez New Song “Rare” is Her Life Story (Download MP3)

When Selena Gomez album “Rare” comes to mind, the very life experiences of the celebrity singer quickly come to mind. Fans are aware that her song “Rare” was meant to praise Elena’s courage to go through some sad episodes.

Like a few other celebrities, Selena Gomez suffers from depression and anxiety and it is something to worry about because within a short time she experienced two major heartbreaks,

Many music lovers who like her music have also described as the perfect definition of Selena Gomez who rose from being a child star to a successful singer and television personality.

Why Ozzy Osbournes album ordinary men is not a solo album

Why Ozzy Osbourne Album “Ordinary Man” Is Not a Solo Album (Download MP3)

When fans first learned about Ozzy Osbourne new album Ordinary men thee were rumors making the round that the song was a solo album in which Osbourne poured out a sensational performance.

That rumor was shortlived as some confirmed sources have revealed that the album Ordinary man is not a solo song as many people thought. The much talked about album featured piano and vocals. It was done by Ellon John.

It also featured two guitar solo by the famous Slash. When this information was released in a live television program by an ally of the singer, some fans began to contend with the idea that Ordinary man is a solo album.

Nicki Minaj Releases New Album Yikes (MP3 Download)

Nicki Minaj Releases New Album Yikes

Supporters of the popular singer Nicki Minaj are excited over the release of her new album Yikes. She has released a new album which has been widely received in the music world.

Recall that in 2019 September 6, the singer had announced on social media that she intends to retire from her musical career to face her family. She told fans the sad news through her social media post and fans were emotive about her decision to retire from singing.

But her decision to retire as a singer did not last for long. Nicki Minaj released some songs in 2019 ands has released a new song just weeks into 2020. Her song Yikes is currently trending and she is poised to do more this year despite claims that 2019 is her busiest year ever.

lil wayne

Funeral_ by _ Lil Wayne.(mp3)

lil wayne
Lil wayne funeral


About 5 years ago Lil Wyne could not have been imagined to love Hiphop the way he does now. It is also not very easy to explain why he so much loves Hiphop now. Many fans think that the resurgence of Hiphop music in recent times have attracted Lil Wyne.

First of all, Wayne is a legendary music star who has a large following of enthusiastic supporters that have takn their love for his misic to the extreme.. The must also have caught the fever of Hiphop music.

Lil Waynes album previous album“Carter” was number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The release of “Funeral” in Hiphop is expected to meet if not break his past records.

Download funeral mp3 by wizzy


How Hotel Attendees Leaked Adele Big Secret _psychobase

Singer and Song writer Adele attended her friends party but she never anticipated that her big surprise will be out so early. The singer had out of excitement told those that attended the party that she intends to release a new album.

Probably lost in the euphoria of the moment, Adele specifically mentioned the month in which her new album will e released and it will be in September. Attendees at the party quickly made a video recording of the singer announcing the date for the release of her new album.

 Fans of the singer that love her kind of music are now anxiously waiting for the release of her album in September.


Kehlani _Shares Heart breaking Story.

Celebrity Kehlani in her new song has revealed some of her personal love struggles. She joined other celebrities to share her experiences in love in the month of love.

The singer who has a very high social profile as a celebrity in her song revealed that many pretenders came to her as lovers take from her. Others wanted to take advantage of her fame for their selfish reasons.

The song by Kehlani was not just a lamentation of her woes in love, it was also a tale of survival and how she came out stronger each time and became better.

Heartbreak and fake lovers is what most celebrities dread in public life. Some even admit that such experiences could have damaging effects on their musical career but at the moment, it cannot be said of singer Kehlani.

sam smith releases new album

Sam Smith Launches 3rd Studio Album.

Fans of famous singer Sam Smith have been expecting their celerity to release an album for some time now because there were different unconfirmed information in the media as to the personal life of Sam Smith.

He has been close to the studio releasing a first and then a second album and now fans have got what they are expecting.

Mith chose the right atmosphere to launch his album which is February 14. Valentines Day was the right time because the music was about love and emotions. It was motivated by Sam Smith’s heartbreak experience and his ability to soar amidst the turmoils to selfdiscovery.

The song was an explanation of his own tragedy and heart breaks in love to encourage lovers on Valentines Day.

MP3 Download, 20 years old rapper gunned down

20 Years Old Rapper PopSmoke Gunned Down

It is not a happy day for music lovers especially those that love rap music after news of the gruesome murder of upcoming rapper PopSmoke began making the rounds.

Most of his fans were left in utter disbelief as some still rumored that he was alive.But many news platforms reported that  he was killed during a robbery invasion of his residence.

PopSmoke was only 20 years old and he had made a tremendous impression as an upcoming singer and rapper. Although circumstances surrounding his death remains uncertain, it was reported by Naija Bang that PopSmoke after the attack was rushed to a hospital by some people but was reported dead on arrival by medical personnel.

He just released his debut album ”Meet the Woo2” about a week ago before this unfortunate incident. His death is one of the saddest news from the music world in 2020.