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swae lee begins tour of north korea, launches new album

Swae Lee Begins Tour of North Korea, Set To Launch Album (MP3 Download)

“Back to Back Maybach” was an album released by the young celerity singer Swae Lee and the album has been largely successful. The song is the brain behind his current musical tour with “post Malone” in North Korea which has witnessed several live performances.

The 26-year-old singer also plans to release another album very soon. His album Back to back Maybach is his first solo album in 2020. Swae Lee is putting in the very best in his career

There are speculations too that the singer Swae Lee will have his new album produced by Jaxx, the producer who produced his first 2020 album Back to Back Maybach.

Nicki Minaj Releases New Album Yikes (MP3 Download)

Nicki Minaj Releases New Album Yikes

Supporters of the popular singer Nicki Minaj are excited over the release of her new album Yikes. She has released a new album which has been widely received in the music world.

Recall that in 2019 September 6, the singer had announced on social media that she intends to retire from her musical career to face her family. She told fans the sad news through her social media post and fans were emotive about her decision to retire from singing.

But her decision to retire as a singer did not last for long. Nicki Minaj released some songs in 2019 ands has released a new song just weeks into 2020. Her song Yikes is currently trending and she is poised to do more this year despite claims that 2019 is her busiest year ever.


Kehlani _Shares Heart breaking Story.

Celebrity Kehlani in her new song has revealed some of her personal love struggles. She joined other celebrities to share her experiences in love in the month of love.

The singer who has a very high social profile as a celebrity in her song revealed that many pretenders came to her as lovers take from her. Others wanted to take advantage of her fame for their selfish reasons.

The song by Kehlani was not just a lamentation of her woes in love, it was also a tale of survival and how she came out stronger each time and became better.

Heartbreak and fake lovers is what most celebrities dread in public life. Some even admit that such experiences could have damaging effects on their musical career but at the moment, it cannot be said of singer Kehlani.

sam smith releases new album

Sam Smith Launches 3rd Studio Album.

Fans of famous singer Sam Smith have been expecting their celerity to release an album for some time now because there were different unconfirmed information in the media as to the personal life of Sam Smith.

He has been close to the studio releasing a first and then a second album and now fans have got what they are expecting.

Mith chose the right atmosphere to launch his album which is February 14. Valentines Day was the right time because the music was about love and emotions. It was motivated by Sam Smith’s heartbreak experience and his ability to soar amidst the turmoils to selfdiscovery.

The song was an explanation of his own tragedy and heart breaks in love to encourage lovers on Valentines Day.

MP3 Download, 20 years old rapper gunned down

20 Years Old Rapper PopSmoke Gunned Down

It is not a happy day for music lovers especially those that love rap music after news of the gruesome murder of upcoming rapper PopSmoke began making the rounds.

Most of his fans were left in utter disbelief as some still rumored that he was alive.But many news platforms reported that  he was killed during a robbery invasion of his residence.

PopSmoke was only 20 years old and he had made a tremendous impression as an upcoming singer and rapper. Although circumstances surrounding his death remains uncertain, it was reported by Naija Bang that PopSmoke after the attack was rushed to a hospital by some people but was reported dead on arrival by medical personnel.

He just released his debut album ”Meet the Woo2” about a week ago before this unfortunate incident. His death is one of the saddest news from the music world in 2020.

singer Omawunmi shares lovely all pink outfit

See How Singer Omawunmi Rocked An All Pink Outfit

Nigerian female singer Omawunmi has shared a lovely photo of her in an all-pink outfit and it looked very gorgeous. The photo was likely a memory from the February 14 valentine day celebrations.

The month of love February is gradually winding down and memories of the valentine celebration are still fresh in the minds of those who had romantic dates or had dinner with people that they admire.

Singer Omawunmi wore blouse and skirts and used makeup with a social preference on the color pink. The outfit also matched her hairstyle giving the beautiful look that every celebrity wants to have.

Omawunmi outf

Although red is considered the color of love, her pink outfit generated so many reactions from her fans who admired her beautiful looks.

Hilarious Photo of Don Jazzy

Hilarious Photo of Don Jazzy Surfaces Online, Fans React

The name Don Jazzy is synonymous with the Nigerian music industry because of his influence and role as a stakeholder. E is often regarded as a mentor to many reigning singers in Nigeria and a model for upcoming singers.

Until recently, Don Jazzy has been working in the background and linking up many singers with big record deals that have catapulted them to stardom through his magnanimity.

But a recent photo of on Jazzy is trending online and it looked very hilarious because many of his fans have never seen him in such outfits. Don Jazzy appeared in what looked like a caftan but which was probably made just for him.

The designs were odd and it made the music icon seem very unlike the agile and up and doing n Jazzy that is seen as the brain behind most big successes in the Nigerian music industry.

Davido plans to tour over 20 cities in London

Amidst Wedding Date Rumors, Davido Plans Tour of Over 20 Cities in London

Davido has through his Instagram handle that he will embark on a tour of over 20 cities in London from February 28. This is coming amidst confusion over how the singer plans to spend the year.

When celebrity singer Davido pledged to marry his girlfriend and baby mama Chioma in a grand ceremony in 2020 many fans took the record and have kept reminding Davido to fulfill his promise to Chioma.

While there are speculations as to when the celebrity plans to fix a date for the proposed 2020 most talked-about wedding, Davido is announcing plans to tour no fewer than 20 cities in London.

He chose the name “A Good Time” as the theme for the tour and has opened ticket sales on some online platforms for fans both from Nigeria and abroad to watch him perform live in those tours.

Since the controversial trip with his ex-girlfriend Sophie Momodu to ana and his recent trip with Chioma, Davido has remained silent about his proposed marriage to Chioma in 2020. Fans are expecting him to organize a grand wedding in Dubai just like many other celebrities have done. 


(Photos) How Rihanna Spent Her Valentine

Tacha Calls eMoney Her Boss, Wishes Him Happy Birthday

It is still not clear to the many fans and follower of celebrity Tacha, how the Big Brother star managed to key into the celebrity culture in Nigeria without much difficulty surprises many people.

her exit from Big Brother Naija, Tacha has continued to wow her followers who
now number in their thousands. Her popularity has also consistently soared.

Tacha has been seen in photos with several big wigs in the entertainment industry and even some key stakeholders like the former CrossRivers State governor Donald Duke during the 2019 Calabar carnival.

Just a few days ago Tacha joined other well-meaning celebrities to wish the star eMoney a happy birthday calling him her boss. She shared a photo of the celebrity on her Instagram wall and fans loved it.

Some people who have followed trends in the entertainment industry also wonder who is mentoring Tacha on the art of being the celebrity that she is fast becoming. She seems not ready to miss a single step is maintaining her reputation as the Queen to her numerous Titan followers. 

fans are wondering if naira marley has repented after his recent instagrm post

Recent IG Posts- Has Naira Marley Repented?

Fans of the popular Nigerian singer Naira Marley are often excited to watch him perform live on stage. His excited followers also called marlians often throng his shows to show their love to the celebrity who is increasingly being referred to as the new Fela of Nigeria.

The love that fans show to Naira Marley may be behind his deep sense of concern for a group of followers fondly referred to as Marlians. The social outlook of most Marlians is quite negative and the celebrity is poised to change that for good.

Naira Marley’s recent post on Instagram and other social media handles have been inspirational. In his recent post, he shared that he is going to make the rest of his life the best.

The singer who is presently having a good time in Canary Wharf in London spares time for his fans who have always stood by him. 

Photos: Meek mill funniest picture ever.

See the funny photos of ‘Meek mill’ that he snapped with an called ‘Face App’. See it below

How to withdraw money without ATM.– SYCHOBASE

On this post , you will learn how to money from Any “ATM” without using your Card. You could visit an ATM, just to find out you are not with your ATM .

How to withdraw without ATM

Gone are the days when if you lost your card you can’t withdraw money using the ATM until you apply and wait for weeks to get a new one from your bank. “How to Withdraw Money From the ATM withoutUsing a Card” Today, you can withdraw money from the ATM without using a Card. Below are highlighted instruction from different banks and how you will go about it. How to Use Access “Bank” Cardless Withdrawal Service To use the Access Bank cardless withdrawal service, follow the below procedures: Dial “*903#” from your registered mobile number. Select Withdraw Money Enter the amount you want to withdraw and validate the transaction with your PIN. You will receive a transaction code via SMS. Keep it. Locate any Access Bank ATM. Press “0” on the machine to perform a cardless withdrawal. Select Access Money, input your phone number, amount initiated, the transaction code received and select Continue. The ATM should dispense your cash. How to Use Fidelity Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service To use Fidelity Bank cardless withdrawal service, follow the below procedures

From your registered mobile number, dial “*770*8*Amount#”. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a one-time Pin (OTP). On the next screen, input your Instant Banking PIN to confirm the transaction. A Paycode is then generated directly from your Fidelity account and sent to your registered mobile number. Locate any ATM Gallary Press any key on the ATM and select PayCode Cashout or Dial4Cash. Enter the 4 digits one-time PIN you created earlier. Punch in the Paycode that you received on your mobile number. Enter the amount – same as you entered at the beginning of this procedure – and receive your cash. How to Use Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service To use Union Bank cardless withdrawal service, follow the below procedures: From the mobile number registered with your account number, dial “*826#”. Follow the on-screen prompts to generate a Paycode and PIN. Proceed to any cardless-enabled ATM. Punch the Enter key on the machine and select Paycode Follow the prompts to finalize your transaction. Receive your cash. How to Use UBA Cardless Withdrawal Service To use UBA cardless withdrawal service, follow the below procedures: From the mobile number, you registered with, dial “*919*30*Amount#” and follow the on-screen prompts. You should receive a cashout code sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Locate any cardless-enabled ATM (most ATMs these days are). Press any button on the machine. Select “Paycode Cashout”. If prompted to input your cashout code, enter the code you received on your phone via SMS. Enter the amount you want to withdraw – same as you requested on your phone. Press OK. Once your transaction is verified, the ATM should dispense cash. How to Use GTBank Cardless Withdrawal Service To use GTBank cardless withdrawal service, follow the below procedures: From the mobile number you registered your account with, dial “*737*”. Input “8” to select Next Page. Input “1” to select Cardless Withdrawals. Input “1” to select “GTBank” or “2” to select “Other Bank”. If you chose “Other Bank”, enter Terminal as “1” or “2” to select “ATM” or “POS” respectively. Input your desired amount to withdraw. Enter a 4 digit code to set as your Cash-Out PIN. Enter your pre-selected 4 digits PIN to complete the request. You should immediately receive a reference code via SMS. Withdrawing your money from any GTBank’s ATM On any GTBank’s ATM, press the Enter Select the “Cardless Withdrawal(GT-Rescue)” option. On the next screen, punch in the Reference Code you received via SMS on your mobile phone and proceed. Enter Amount – the same selected during your request on your phone. Press the Enter button, the ATM should dispense your cash. Withdrawing from Other Bank’s ATM Locate any bank’s ATM – other than a GTBank’s. Press the Enter button on the ATM. Select the PayCode Input the PayCode number you received on your mobile phone. Enter your pre-selected Cash-Out PIN Number. You set this during your request on your mobile phone. Enter Amount – the same selected during your request on your phone. Press Enter The ATM should dispenser your cash. Bernard Bassey


Fast rising sensational Abuja base artist with the stage name “OLA SKILLI”.

Drops his first song “BLESS ME” after droping freestyles on instagram, “Bless me” is a song to usher him into his careerHopefully many more Like this.

Listen and download “bless me” by ‘ola skilli.

Wow drake acquired new private jet with the customized name “Air Drake”, worth of $100mil.

“Trophies” after debuting his new airplane.

The 32-year-old rapper took to Instagram to presentation his a new “Air Drake” Boeing 767 payload plane. “Anything I got is not a rental, I accept that,” Drake says in the song and he flat referenced the lyrics in the cassette posted to his gathering media page. He said, “No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners.” The jet featured the OVO owl symbol, which is the logo for his corporation October’s extraordinarily Own. The flat expenses $185 million before any customizations.

Drake took fans on a film tour of the elegant gold and bronzed interior of the fuselage which had leather sofas, chairs, and a bar. The cartridge — which he captioned “Nothing was the equivalent for real…” – too showed the emotional flash someplace the “Air Drake” sign was unveiled. Drake amalgamated with Cargojet Inc. for the plane. “Supporting domestic businesses has continually been a summit priority of mine, subsequently what time an occasion came up to acquire knotty with a exalted Canadian theater company I was pleased to prepare so,” he believed in a


Jonas Brothers return to Saturday Night Live after more than 10 years – SYCHOBASE.

The “Jonas Brothers” ended a elated replace to Saturday Night Live after new than a decade missing on Saturday (11May19). Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas wore matching crimson and black clothes as they performed their flood back single, Sucker, after self hungrily introduced by the night’s host, Emma Thompson.

The trio presently returned to the step for their second conventional of the show, with a implementation on their newest separate Cool, before stopping central through the track.

Jonas brother at…

“Joe” told the crowd they were “taking effects back” with a path from their ancient days, and the ensemble began a fast-paced carrying out of their 2008 track, Burnin’ Up. The brothers besides complete persuaded not to avoid out on every part of the amusing what time it came to the sketches, and ended a hilarious cameo role as a trio of gathering boys who burned down a hire council house in a TV courtroom sketch featuring Oscar winner Emma, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as three notoriety courtroom judges who halt up adopting the Jonas Brothers.

Since they officially reunited put money on in March, it’s been a hard hardly any months for the popstars. The trio assert in addition been operational on a documentary which highlights their career achievements and sheds glow on the darker period they faced before they parted habits in 2013. In one brainteaser clip for Chasing Happiness, Joe and “Kevin” reminiscence how they inconsolably fought with younger sibling cut as he hunted to energy solo. “Nick says, ‘The Jonas Brothers must be no more’,” Kevin said. “What hurts the nearly all is that it came from “Nick”, Joe confessed in an emotional clip.

“He is my unsurpassed friend.” “There were moments I thought, ‘They’ll by no means lecture to me again,'” notch added. The trio’s Happiness Begins tour kicks off in Miami, Florida this August, even as the compilation of the consistent choose will sensation shelves on 7 June. Chasing Happiness debuts on Amazon first-rate on 4 June.