Why meek mill delete his Instagram Account.??? _ get it below.

Why meek mill delete his Instagram Account.??? _ get it below.

“meek mill” The Dreamchasers DC boss has decided to take a break from IG and Twitter to focus on real life.
On Saturday (April 20) 2019, he deleted his Instagram page, but his Twitter account currently remains active. “No social media …. all real life!” he tweeted just moments after deleting IG.

Meek’s deletion of Instagram followed his posting of a cryptic Tweet imploring the good in leading a “real life,” as he puts it. As it stands, Meek Mill seems to be leaving his Twitter account up-and-running, the platform he normally resorts to when making official announcements. His posting habits on Instagram are a little more informal, on averag

The move comes following the death of his friend Nipsey Hussle, who was killed outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles last month.
Meek, who was working on a joint project with Nipsey, was deeply affected by the tragedy. “Broke me,” he tweeted following Nipsey’s death. “He really fighting for our lives against our own kind and really have to take risk and match the level of hatred that we are born in .. I’m tired prayers for my brother and his family.”
Prior to deleting his Instagram, Meek shared a photo of a black Lamborghini with a woman’s wedding dress flowing out of it. “When I get married this how we carrying it [fishing] for a wife,” he captioned it.
He also posted other cryptic messages. “You spend too much time on women that’s why you ain’t having it like I’m having it,” he wrote in another post, adding, “You gave me more than I wanted … You gave me more than I needed.”

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